My family originated in Grumento Nova.
Grumento Nova is a town and comune in the province of Potenza, in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata. The ancient name of the town was Saponara. At the base of Grumento Nova, in the locality Spineta, are the remains of the Roman town of Grumentum.

Welcome to my web site!

This site is designed as a way to distribute a documented version of my family tree.

I first started working on this so that I could translate the typical and all encompassing Italian Zio & Zia into actual relationships and so that I could truly understand who my relatives, both close & distant, were.

I've published my tree so that all my cousins and relatives can easily access it. The chart below shows my ancestors.

The boxes highlighted in red are the families where I have detailed the expanded tree. Please click on the menu icon to access the detailed charts. I can also create descendant charts for any of the other branches of my tree so please email me if you want a chart other than what I've presented here.

If you are interested in my family tree or if you can provide any information or photos please contact me by email. Our descendants will be forever grateful.

charts updated July 2024

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