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These are higher quality PDFs of the branches of my tree. Please note they are large files so may take some time to download

Ancestors of Robert Toscano.pdf

Descendants of Antonio Falasca.pdf

Descendants of Donato Toscano.pdf

Descendants of Gaetano Toscano.pdf

Descendants of Gennaro Bove.pdf

Descendants of Girolamo Bianculli.pdf

Descendants of Michele Pugliese.pdf

Descendants of Nicola Toscano.pdf

Descendants of Prospero Maiorino.pdf      bonus

Descendants of Prospero Papaleo.pdf

Descendants of Rosario Di Pierri.pdf

Descendants of Rosario Larossa.pdf


The following are PDF copies of my excel database which holds all the records I have copied from various sources that may have reference to my ancestry.

Please contact me by email if you want a copy of the original excel files which has sort & filter capability.